The debut self-titled solo album from Kevin Leigh Robinson, aka: KLR - recorded, mixed and mastered with the finest & legendary cast of Muscle Shoals. This cinematic opus is a healing tale of an artist returning to his roots after 25 years. A prolific producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer & songwriter, Kevin Leigh Robinson has lent his talents to Father John Misty, The Dandy Warhols, Red Fang, Sufjan Stevens, The Infamous Stringdusters among others & has shared the stage with Fugazi, Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World, Death Cab For Cutie, The Shins & many more.

Of his debut album, Robinson says:
“ I came back to Sheffield, Alabama after 25 years of making it happen in Nashville, Portland and NYC. I had run the gauntlet of the music, recording & touring industries as well as the commercial, film and brand composing world. I needed to reconnect with the spark that began this life choice for me. Family, as it turns out, would bring me back, willing or not, to that spark. Once I started receiving phone calls from the police about my moms mental condition, I had to move back. Her mind and body were giving out and it fell on me to make the decisions. During this painful process I was close enough that I could settle back into the town where I started my first band and, now after all this time, make my first proper solo album in Muscle Shoals. As if by memory I drove to the first studio I ever set foot in, now called Portside Sound, walked through the door and announced I’d be recording my magnum opus ASAP.
What would happen was that I would make my bucket-list record and simultaneously experience renewed faith, love, profound grief and equally brutal healing. If I was to sing of the journey, I would experience it. I first left Alabama for Nashville when I was 22. I had just been signed to my first record label and my father died a month later. That’s him on the cover looking at me. 22 years later at age 44, this past winter just as I finished this album, my mother passed away. I’m still processing it all and ultimately I think I just wanted to make a record my dad would think was cool.

So here we are, this journey is complete. We’re onto a new phase now so I’d want to share this story. These songs are 10 years of favorite creative ideas plus allowing myself the freedom to write in the midst of the recording process. Quite a few popped up in the final 10 yards. I discovered a VHS of a near death experience I had as a kid, so I wrote a song about it. I found my soulmate during the making of this record, so I wrote a song about it! I became such good friends with the pastor who arranged the gospel choir on the album, I not only joined his church but got married and baptized there. There is a returning to origin story for the fire that burns most bright in you, and this album is that journey for me. I hope you feel it.”